M-Lab (MCE film stretching lab for Innovative experiment)

        Brief Introduction
        The market of high polymer material industry is huge, and membrane with biaxial stretching process is the most representative of high return in plastic processing industry.To face the reality with increasingly intense competition,the links of the industrial chain have an urgent desire for technological innovation and the development of new products with high added value. M-Lab isa fully functional innovative experiment platform for the leading development of the film stretching enterprises
        With our own comprehensive strength, we invested with the M-Lab will soon be in service. In the first stage, it will bewell-qualified for experiment (trial production) of simultaneous film stretching.Finally, a full functional line with equipment combination (with extrusion, casting, MDO and TDO-R etc.) can be realized.
        Service Description
        M-Lab will be open to global customers in the industry.Providing uniqueservices, such as: innovation experiment, trial production, market development, online training, industrial cooperation, technical demonstration etc.For the equipment customers, MCE will offer the free service in priority according to the specific plan. To enable the customers to quickly obtain the most reliabletechnical validation, the most effective risk control and the most reasonable investment program.To establish competitive advantage accordingly.
        Line Characteristics
        - With the smallest clip spacing, to achieve the best film stretchingeffect in MD and in edge area
        - Unique the circulation of hot air circumfluence combined with ventilation system, and thicken insulation can make the oven temperature accuracy
          achieve the extreme.

        - The two thickness gauges can monitor the dynamic thickness change of the film before and after stretching
        - The visual function can observe the key areas inside the oven in real time
        - Oven and duct by stainless steel can meet the requirements of high cleanliness
        - The central rolling winder with slitter function ensures high quality winding
        - Optical tracking unwinding

        Technical data
        - Speed:                        30 - 80m/min
        - MD ratio:                     3 – 5.5 times
        - TD ratio:                      1.5 - 7 times
        - Clip width dimension: 30 mm
        - Film thickness:            3-150 µ
        - Max. film width:           1500 mm
        - Temperature:              a+/- 0.5 to 1º
        - Zones of Oven:           8 zones with 1 open cooling zone

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